Have you ever heard about the concept of Blue Monday? Who didn’t! You may be surprised, but in fact, Blue Monday doesn’t actually exist. The theory about that day was commissioned by the travel agency and it was based on a pseudoscientific formula. Its creator, Cliff Arnall, himself has been debunking this myth for several years already. To say that this is the most depressing day of the year is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Nevertheless, mental health is an issue that we should take care of, regardless of what date it is. It is especially important in times of pandemic and remote work. To support you with that, we listed 9 applications that may be helpful in maintaining your mental wellbeing


1. Moodfit

Moodfit is an app that helps to track and control your mental condition. The exercises it contains will help you to cope with your negative emotions. Thanks to this app you’re able to track your progress over time, set your own objectives, receive reminders about daily activities, and customize your long-term goals according to your needs. Although, be careful about making a self-diagnosis and get professional help if you struggle with serious emotional issues. Also, be aware that making progress is quite a long process and may demand a longer time sometimes so don’t get discouraged too soon. 

2. Moodmission

This app gives you the opportunity to boost your mood by giving you suitable activities when you’re in a low mood and negative emotions take over control. It’s a reliable and safe tool because it’s developed by experts from the field of mental health. Your motivation will be increased gradually by the rewards that the app offers. In the long term, this tool helps to develop strategies to deal with different moods using appropriately selected methods


3. Calm

The great advantage of this app is that it offers a wide range of relaxing sounds, individually matched experiences. Regular use of the application results in getting better sleep, silencing the body, and regulation of emotions and internal state. Calm is suited both for beginners and the more advanced users. The ease of getting around the app comes with time and requires some effort though, so don’t get discouraged by the fact that it could be not so easy and intuitive for you at the beginning. A big plus of Calm is the flexibility of its programs.

Breathing exercises

4. iBreath

Are you constantly racing with deadlines at work and thus your stress level is reaching its zenith at the end of the day?  It’s relevant to maintain not only your well-being at home but also your workplace wellbeing. Instead of reaching for a glass of wine, you can try a method that is much simpler and cheaper and will help you reduce your cortisol levels. Additionally, it will also improve your health in the long run. The iBreath app provides simple breathing exercises and sends daily reminders. Regularity is the key in this case.

5. BellyBio

Same as the example above, the functionalities of this mobile tool are also based on breathing exercises. The difference that is important here is the fact that BellyBio is a biofeedback app. It means that your mobile device monitors in real-time the automatic reactions of your body enabling you to become aware of these processes and then possibly change them. While your phone is doing that, you just relax to the sounds of the ocean waves or other music themes chosen by you. 

Fun and entertainment

6. Happify

If you have trouble with identifying your needs and emotions sometimes, then Happify might be the best option for you. Moreover, many therapists and coaches were involved in creating it and the games included in Happify are science-backed, so you can be sure about its credibility. Depending on the areas of your life that you want to focus on, the app proposes different, personalized paths. On the other hand, the free version is quite limited. To get full access to more advanced functions you have to buy a premium version which is relatively more expensive than the products of competitors.

Help with anxiety issues

7. Mindshift CBT

For people struggling with anxiety and depression on a daily basis, we strongly recommend The Mindshift CBT app. It leads you through different experiments in order to help you face your thoughts causing the anxiety. What is surprising here, there are also available activities for fighting perfectionism! It also makes it easier to change your habits and set your goals and priorities. It was originally designed for young people, but of course, it can be used by anyone who needs it. Having this app on your phone, you will feel like carrying your supporting friend in your pocket. Besides, it’s free.

Fighting with harmful habits

8. Quitzilla

Any new year’s resolutions for 2022? Perhaps you decided that you’re going to quit smoking or stop eating junk food? Quitzilla will support you in maintaining them finally. Mostly it supports you by keeping you on track with your assumptions and observing your progress and daily successes. It acts as your personal motivation coach who helps you with planning and shaping the structure of your path to obtaining the desired goal. However remember that tool doesn’t completely solve the serious addiction problems – if you are struggling with such, it’s best to see a specialist.

Online therapy and consulting

9. Betterhelp

Many people who need help with their mental health struggle with resistance and doubts to seek real help. Often this resistance is due to fear of judgment, confiding in a stranger face to face, or simply not having time to attend therapy regularly. Betterhelp is designed for them. It enables complete anonymity by offering freedom in the form of communication with the therapist – through chat, video calls, or phone calls. Moreover, the advantage of this solution is its flexibility – you can contact a counselor at any time and from anywhere. If you suffer from mental health problems but are hindered from going to the therapist for any of the above reasons – this application may be useful for you.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

All the applications listed by us can in their own way help you deal with difficult emotions on a daily basis, take care of your mental health, provide entertainment or facilitate changing habits or achieve set goals. Nevertheless, don’t forget that they are usually of an auxiliary role and sometimes can’t fully help you solve more complicated problems, moreover may lead to an incorrect self-diagnosis. They will never replace the expertise, experience, and intuition of psychologists. Therefore, if you feel you need the professional help of a real human – do not hesitate to ask for it. Take care of your mental and physical well-being!


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