Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by global developers, according to a 2022 developer survey. It became popular in 2020, and since it’s rapidly expanding. The primary reason people desire to create with Flutter is it allows the app development of both iOS and Android apps from a single codebase. Previously, you would need to engage two separate teams to work on Android and iOS.

Its developer community is growing as well. Each day, there’s new content coming that can be educational and entertaining. You can find many podcasts, channels, articles, or libraries. But which of them are the best to follow in 2023? Here, you can find our favorite list of Flutter developers and experts.

YouTube channels by Flutter experts

Flutter Official Channel

The official Flutter YouTube channel is a great place for every aspect of Flutter. Thanks to that, you can stay updated with best practices about the Flutter SDK and see real code examples. With its engineers worldwide, you’ve got first-hand knowledge of putting Flutter to work. There are cycles on Flutter Developer Story or Widget of the Week, among many other various types of content.

The Flutter Way 

If you want to improve your Flutter skills, then The Flutter Way is a great channel to learn how to become an expert developer. There are many exciting takes on the pro usage of Flutter and mobile application design and animation


Fireship is a gateway drug for developers who want to build awesome Flutter apps. Created by Jeff Delaney, it offers high-intensity code tutorials that will help you build and deploy your applications faster. Each week, new videos cover intermediate to advanced lessons about Flutter, JavaScript, and modern app development.

Reso Coder

You may find it on Reso Code structured tutorials. Every video accompanies a written blog piece, allowing you to study at your own pace. It focuses on Flutter and Dart app development experience and learns from carefully crafted project-driven lessons. With this, you can master mobile app development. 


FilledStack is another YouTube channel worth checking out for its content. It provides material dedicated just to Flutter app development; there are several Flutter widgets, hacks, and suggestions to supplement what you already know.

Robert Brunhage

This YouTube channel is created by a software engineer, designer, and, most notably, Google Developer Expert. It’s great for people with any experience with Flutter. You can see there are a lot of cool projects. Some of them include tips and tricks on mobile development, news on these topics, but also how to design with tools like Figma. It’s great for people with any experience with Flutter. What’s also interesting is there’s an ongoing series of videos on cross-platform game development.


Last, but not least, SuperDeclarative can save you from the monotony and frustration that sometimes can be app development. You can explore beginner, intermediate, and advanced Flutter topics on this free channel. And you can learn the best Flutter superpowers, too!

Podcasts with Flutter experts

It’s All Widgets!

It’s All Widgets is an ongoing series run by Flutter developers in the Flutter community. Each episode provides insights from Flutter contributors, the developer’s history, how they came into this development framework, and the most recent news and developments. The primary goal is to share inspiring stories. It’s hosted by Hillel Coren, the Google Developer Expert for Flutter.

Flying High with Flutter

This live-streaming podcast has developed a reputation as an engaging platform that provides the finest experience. The presenter, Allen Wyma, broadcasts the episodes so that people may experience the guests’ excitement and enthusiasm. It contains episodes about the Flutter development ecosystem and covers anything relating to the framework. The purpose is to exchange information with other lovers of Flutter and get the most from the platform.

Flutter 101 Podcast

Hosted by Vince Varga, Flutter 101 is a weekly podcast focusing on the software development process with Flutter and Dart. It’s one of the most popular channels, listened to by many developers actively participating in the community. It’s an excellent alternative if you want to get the latest updates as well as study the technology itself

Podcasts for developers

If you’re interested in podcasts for developers on topics other than Flutter mobile technology, you can also explore our other blog article. We’ve listed the Applover teams’ recommendations and updated the list recently. These podcasts cover various programming and IT industry topics that might inspire you. Check out the post here.

Flutter experts on Twitter (X.com)


Without a doubt, the official Flutter account is a complete source for any updates but also insights. You may discover many facts about the technology, tutorials, or other lifehacks.  


Dart is the official programming language for Flutter. Here, you can get some interesting tips and news on client-optimized programming on any platform.


An official Flutter Community Account with new articles and packages from the community itself. On Twitter, you can directly interact with other contributors, passionately discussing the framework’s growth.


Another great source of community is an official Twitter account of the subreddit for Google’s portable UI framework. These are some key resources for learning development straight from Redditors.

Flutter development team

Regarding Twitter, aside from group accounts, it’s also great to follow the creators of technology. Here, we listed some of the developers at Google that work on developing Flutter. With their contributions, you may find many explanations on incoming changes, but also what’s the purpose of Flutter and how to be the most productive with it.


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Using Flutter in application development in 2023

Nowadays, Flutter is worth following. This technology is a game-changer when it comes to cross-platform app development. And the fact that there are many valuable resources on the internet makes it even better. Whether you prefer watching YouTube tutorials, listening to podcasts anywhere and anytime, or scrolling through the Twitter feed, you will gain new information. It’s great for beginners as well as advanced Flutter developers! For enthusiasts, we recommend also checking out the 11 Flutter widgets every developer should know to build beautiful applications.