Working in the IT industry is an opportunity for many people to develop on many levels nowadays. The IT industry is one of the fastest-growing industries on the market and it does not look set to change any time soon. At Applover, according to our statistics, the rotation ratio is really low. Our company employs developers, testers, designers, but also sales specialists, creative marketers, great people from the HR department, and reliable administration. Today we celebrate the holiday of all women, so in this article, you will learn 8 reasons why you should join our team, according to our ladies.

1. Applover’s culture and our values

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I love working at Applover for the feeling that I, as an individual, have an impact on the success of the company.

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Zuzia Kusznir

Back-end Developer

At Applover, we highly value our flat organizational structure and non-corporate work style. We try to make sure that there are not too many functions in the company, and that each employee feels equal, regardless of their position. There is no dress code in the company, everyone dresses the way they like. Each of us can simply be fully ourselves and feel good every day. Applover is, above all, the values ​​that we follow at every stage of our work. Each of us knows them by heart and they are:

  • Support – we support each other, our employees, or clients at every moment and in every aspect. We can always count on ourselves to help a colleague on the project or clients in their product concept,
  • Influence – each of us has a real influence on how Applover looks and works. Changing and improving processes is the responsibility of each employee, but is endowed with full trust and can take full responsibility for his actions,
  • Openness to new challenges – we love challenges! Sometimes there are projects where you need to apply a previously unknown solution or implement a technology that we have not used before. Trying and testing new products is what drives us to act and develop,
  • Team spirit – we are a team and we love to spend time together even after work. During the breaks, we like to have lunch together or play ping-pong. Everyone likes each other, we value joint activities and integration. We have a common vibe, which you can see immediately as soon as you enter our office,
  • Engagement – we feel fully committed to what we do. We believe Applover is us. In each project, we fully give our heart and skills, we know that a well-done job is our best showcase.

2. Inclusiveness

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I appreciate this place for always feeling comfortable here. I know that even if I came to work in a costume, hmmm I don't know ... for example, a chicken, everyone would give me a high five, smiling sincerely and no one would show contempt looking at my whim.

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Liliana Różyk

Payroll Specialist

Our organization is famous for the fact that it is open to everyone. There are no divisions for us, and we avoid stereotypes like fire. It does not matter to us what your skin color, religion, or political views are, what you look like and what your gender is. What matters to us is only the values ​​you present and whether you show a willingness to learn and develop. As Applover, we developed a product called Bench by Applover. It allows the selection of outsourcing employees for the project not only due to their skills but also soft character traits. We believe that this is a very important aspect that is often overlooked in the process of connecting customers with employees.

3. Educational meetings

Agata: „Development is very important to me. I especially appreciate it at work when the employer allows me to do it and makes sure that employees raise their competencies. This is what it is at Applover.”

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Development is very important to me. I especially appreciate it at work when the employer allows me to do it and makes sure that employees raise their competencies. This is what it is at Applover.

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Agata Adamczyk

Front-end Developer

We strongly focus on the development of all employees. Especially when it comes to sharing knowledge in the teams in which we work. Therefore, each department in Applover organizes a so-called weekly or bi-weekly program. EDU session. It is nothing more than an hour-long meeting where you can exchange knowledge on topics that may be useful to you. For example, technological novelties, design problems can be difficult, but when the whole department looks at them, a new solution is always found.

4. Evaluation process

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I like to be appreciated when I put my heart to work. I think it’s amazing to feel valued, and at Applover, you can count on it. People matters here.

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Natalia Kamecka

Head of Marketing

At Applover, we believe that constructive feedback on how to get the job done is really valuable. That is why all employees are subject to an evaluation process every six months. It is an opportunity to get to know your weaknesses but also to find out what our supervisor appreciates us for. It is also an opportunity to negotiate better employment conditions. The last novelty that we introduced, for a real IT company, is the front door opened through a mobile application to make the lives of employees even easier.

5. Perks and benefits

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It is rare to see an employer who gives as many nice bonuses to work like our company. In addition, it takes our suggestions into account.

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Julia Komin

UX/UI Designer

We provide truly original and extremely useful benefits for our employees in the company. We believe that a well-cared-for employee will have greater motivation to work and higher efficiency. Applover, apart from standard access to the Private Healthcare and the MultiSport card, enables each employee to purchase selected literature every month. In addition, the company financially supports people who want to take advantage of training and courses aimed at improving their skills. Each employee has the opportunity to take English lessons with our teacher. Our clients are mainly from abroad, so fluent communication in English is extremely valuable. Each team has its own budget that can be spent on joint integration to get to know each other better and spend time doing cool things, such as joint theater, going to an escape room, bowling, or a joint lunch during a lunch break. The list of benefits is very long, and rumors say that it is to be improved even more in the near future.

6. Office

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Our office is great, really. At the same time, I feel like in a coworking space, at home, on vacation, and sometimes like in a fine restaurant. And the best part is that something is constantly being improved. Who knows? Maybe we'll have our own slide soon.

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Paulina Górska

Junior IT Recruiter

Our head office is located in Wrocław. As our team consists mainly of young and energetic people, the office also had to be designed with their needs and temperament in mind. Each of the employees has its own workplace. In the main area known as the “chill zone”, a large table can seat many people. This is where we spend our breaks for lunch or morning coffee. We also have a ping-pong table and a pool table, which are the most popular among our developers. This is definitely a very emotional game for which our original regulations were created. We plan to expand the office by another floor in the near future, where there will certainly be a place to work and other amenities for our team. In our additional office, there is a place for all pets. Our employees are happy to come to work with their dogs. The corporate star is Taco – our happiness developer.

7. Equipment and tools

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I believe that it is up to the employer to ensure that the equipment is in working order. Applover provides the best tools that you chooses.

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Jagoda Muszyńska

Junior Account Manager

Our company tries to provide employees with the equipment that is necessary for their daily work. On the day of starting work, the employee has the option to choose what software he wants to work on. We can choose between Windows and macOS. Everyone gets a laptop with the necessary accessories. As a graphic designer, you can count on additional tools that will facilitate your work. Testers may also receive a call. In addition, the hardware is regularly replaced with new ones so that it supports the latest updates. 

At Applover, we value work time management and improvement, thanks to which we can optimize our daily processes and tasks. Currently, we use several tools that help us in communication, organization, security, and measuring working time.

The basic tools that we all use at the company are:

  • Slack,
  • Passbolt,
  • Trello,
  • Hubstaff.

8. Donut app

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I am a hybrid employee, sometimes in the office, sometimes I work remotely. Even though I have been working for so many years, sometimes I have the feeling that I do not know all employees exactly. I believe that the Donut is a brilliant solution thanks to which I discover new friends with similar interests.

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Martyna Kazimierczak

IT Recruitment Specialist

Have you ever heard of Donut? It is a fantastic application for companies where a lot of people work remotely. Donut is an add-on to the Slack application, which is an instant messaging application where you can quickly contact other employees. It works based on an algorithm that I verify with which employee we have the lowest level of interaction. In this way, the application randomly selects an employee from our organization so that we have the opportunity to talk, arrange a joint call, simply get to know each other better. Epic solution.


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Why should you consider joining the Applover team?

To say the least, we believe that the atmosphere that we have managed to create together during the 5 years of Applover’s operation is unique. Each of us feels at home here. If, after reading this article, you feel that your dream job is working with us, do not wait and check the current open recruitment on our website. We appreciate what our daily work in this place looks like, and we wish our ladies on their holiday that a smile would always appear on their mouths and a sense of peace at the thought of Monday at work.

Happy Women’s Day!