A well-designed website is key to increasing visibility for any business. High search engine positioning, easy-to-use websites, and innovative improvements designed to make life easier for users are all features that can successfully attract a company’s target audience and retain them. However, achieving such results is very time-consuming and requires the help of experienced programmers. 

Building a website is an unpredictable process, around which many myths have grown up. In this article, we want to deal with them.

#1 A good website can be cheap

Whether you are the owner of a small business or a large firm, you surely realize that a good website is a must for any business these days. 

If you’re at the stage when you’re getting down to refresh or build your website from scratch, and you wonder if it can be done well and cheaply, we have to tell you something – price in web development always goes hand in hand with quality. 

It’s not impossible to create a website yourself using creators available on the web. You can also hire a freelancer who will relatively cheaply prepare a website for you with basic features. By far the most expensive is to use a web development agency and engage experienced programmers. However, pay attention to the fact that they will be the ones to provide you with a responsive and efficient website that users will have no problem navigating. 

A well-designed website is a great showcase for your business, so it is worth ensuring that it does not lag, looks aesthetically pleasing, and is easy to use. Such an effect unfortunately costs money.

#2 The more features, the better the experience

The number of features found on a site should be carefully researched and analyzed through user research. There is no golden rule as to how many elements the ideal site should have, and how extensive the features should be. However, it should be remembered that more does not always mean better. Too many features can greatly delay the site and cause users to feel lost. So be sensible and think carefully about the importance of specific components on your site. 

#3 Releasing an MVP version may give a bad impression to users 

We sometimes hear concerns that releasing an MVP (minimum viable product) may be a failure because users will perceive the version as a weak, undeveloped website. We believe that releasing an MVP is currently one of the most sensible trends when building a website. Users these days not only fully understand what website testing is all about, but also appreciate their involvement in the product development process and are more than willing to leave feedback. After all, it is for their comfort that the final version is prepared! Of course, through experience, certain user needs can be predicted, but it is their feedback that can really ensure whether the design of the site is going in the right direction. The developer’s satisfaction comes when there is satisfaction on the user’s side 🙂

#4 All mistakes can be predicted

Fear of mistakes is hardly expected to lead to great successes. Unfortunately, it is the case that in order to come across an innovative solution that will attract attention for your website and make you stand in front of the ranks of similar products, you have to take risks. 

Of course, it would be good to hit on an idea the first time and start cutting coupons quickly, however, this is not always the reality. Safe solutions are unlikely to guarantee a high position in the market. Success requires brave attempts and sometimes a few failures.

However, it is worth trying. The digital landscape is very changeable because nowadays, both user needs and the market are developing extremely fast. Just as quickly as one can jump higher in the rankings through a small change, it is easy to fall far behind the competition through stagnation. 


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#5 The release of a website means the end of work on it

This is one of the biggest myths about the process of creating a website. In fact, it is exactly the opposite – creating a website is just the beginning of the work! It’s not enough to plant a garden to reap the fruits from it. It needs to be cared for and tended, and the same is with the website. 

In order for a website to function properly, you need to provide it with proper support and maintenance and make sure that regular updates and improvements are made to it. New technological trends appear non-stop, so it makes sense to keep track of them in order to constantly provide a high-quality experience, for your users. 

Taking care of your website’s functionality helps significantly in the development of your business and can represent it wonderfully! You only need to pay attention to its regular optimization.

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What users need are well-functioning products that make it easy for them to do things online. Being lost in poorly designed pages or having them hang up are just some of the users’ nightmares that are capable of effectively scaring them off. 

However, developing digital products is not easy and often requires a lot of patience. Its construction can never be one hundred percent predicted, as many things come out during the process, and the final result is often one of a kind. 

To get through the process painlessly, and to avoid wasting money on software that won’t meet your expectations, we encourage you to consult with an experienced IT agency (you can find one on DesignRush) to talk about the possibilities you can achieve with your website. At Applover, we are always happy to answer any questions. If you’re curious about what it’s like to work with a professional agency, we encourage you to read the article about what to expect when you contact us