Nowadays, outsourcing plays a very important role in the software development industry and more and more companies decide to choose this method of seeking and employing employees. It gives the opportunity to recruit talented, perfectly selected, and qualified developers from the global market to cooperate on the largest projects. If you’ve ever thought about outsourcing but don’t know where to look, you should get acquainted with Polish outsourcing because it has many advantages. In the following article, you will find out why in 2022 it is worth choosing a Polish outsourcing company and what are the benefits of such a decision for your business.

Poland is located in the CEE region (Central and Eastern Europe), currently it is one of the most popular areas selected for cooperation with an outsourcing agency. The main advantages of cooperating with an agency in this area include:

1. Young, talented, and educated employees

According to the Ranking created by HakerRank, Poland is in third place if it would be in the global olympiad of programming and compete with other countries. The survey shows that in Poland we have some of the most talented programmers in the world specializing in various technologies such as Java, .Net, Python, JavaScript, Objective C, C ++, and Ruby on Rails. In the same ranking, Poles took first place in terms of using Java. Moreover, Polish programmers are among the youngest in the world who are starting to learn to code – the 2018 Developer Skills Report placed Poland in 4th place.

90% of programmers in Poland have a university degree, and every year around 18,000 people graduate from ICT-related studies. A large number of programmers graduate from faculties such as physics or mathematics and statistics, thanks to which Polish IT specialists are characterized by comprehensive knowledge. Therefore, by deciding to cooperate with a Polish outsourcing agency, you provide yourself and your business with extensive experience and the opportunity to use the extensive knowledge of developers. Poland is also at the forefront of locations for innovative technologies such as blockchain or AI.

2. Cost-effective

The current world economic situation in 2022 is very problematic, therefore it is normal for companies to try to save and minimize their costs. When choosing to outsource in Poland, we choose one of the most financially advantageous options, which does not mean that it is of lower quality. There are tens of thousands of companies in the IT industry in the territory of Poland, and their main centers are located in cities such as Warsaw, Wroclaw, Kraków, and Poznań. According to data provided by No Fluff Jobs, Polish developers earn an average of $2,800 a month. These earnings are almost twice as low as the average earnings of developers from Great Britain or almost any other country in Western Europe. Contracting the most successful Polish software development outsourcing company can turn out to be surprisingly cheap compared to IT companies from other parts of Europe or the USA.

3. High skill in the use of the English language 

In Poland, a lot of emphasis is placed on education, especially when it comes to language learning. According to the latest EF English Proficiency Index – The world’s largest ranking of countries and regions by English skills, Poland ranks 16th out of 112, which places it in the High proficiency category of using English. Polish developers do not have the slightest problem with working with foreign clients, there is no language barrier that could hinder the work of both them and their superiors. They can engage in really demanding projects, work in a group, and they know the specialized vocabulary of the IT industry very well.

4. Advantageous Location and Time Zone

Poland as a country has an extremely favorable location in Central Europe. As a country belonging to the European Union, it can ensure stability, security, and high standards of work. Additionally, by deciding to cooperate with a Polish outsourcing agency, we ensure 24-hour control over the project. There is a difference of 6 hours between the Polish and New York time zones. If there is an error in the project, cooperation with the Polish development team ensures that we work on its repair at a time when developers, for example in America, have already finished their change.

5. Poland is the best place to invest and run a business

Research conducted and published by CEO Magazyn shows that Poland is 3 out of 80, the best place to develop business and make investments. In recent years, in which the global coronavirus pandemic has put the global economy to the test, allowed to show the strength, tenacity, and commitment of this country, which gives a promising prospect for foreign investors. This report presents the results in terms of market potential, investor protection, workforce protection, technological readiness, and infrastructure.


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Outsourcing can be an ideal investment for your software development

Outsourcing software development is undoubtedly a trend in the IT industry that is constantly developing and becoming extremely popular as a solution for searching for and employing ideal employees. It is worth analyzing the general reasons to work with remote developers and how the recent events related to the covid-19 pandemic have influenced it. Outsourcing destinations should be chosen in such a way as to minimize the burden on the company’s budget and at the same time gain high-quality developers and a new technological solution. Poland and other countries from the CEE region are a perfect place to start cooperation with an outsourcing team. Before deciding to choose the location of an outsourcing company, it is worth designing a strategy and budget for the coming years.