As the old year fades and the new one begins, we would like to reflect on the preceding twelve months. Without it, it’s easy to lose sight of the good times. 2022 was significant for Applover, and these accomplishments should be remembered and celebrated. 

Following the same tradition from last year, I’ve written a short recap of 2022. Where did we start the year, and where have we gotten to? How well did we adjust to the changing market? And what’s most important, what will 2023 bring for Applover? Let’s jump right in.

New HealthTech services tailored to our clients

Our team keeps a close eye on the challenges faced by our customers. Undoubtedly, the COVID pandemic changed the world, and the digital transformation for the healthcare sector has enforced the need for change. Therefore, we attended conferences like Viva Tech 2022 in Paris, Vue.js in Berlin, and MEDICA 2022 in Dusseldorf. Among others, you could hear us during the Mobile Trends conference talk on the impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare industry.

And this year at Applover, we worked with top clients from HealthTech and introduced many new services dedicated to our healthcare clients. This has not gone unnoticed by our partners, who have equally pleasant recalled the cooperation, as confirmed by their feedback:

  • 9 new clutch reviews were collected;
  • 4.8 average review rating on Clutch.

Improved internal processes to provide top-tech services

Satisfied clients and new services wouldn’t be possible without going to the next level with our refined internal processes. Over the past six years, we’ve figured out what goes into each phase of the process and what people need to be involved. Applover is now a company of over 120 top tech experts that strive to deliver the best solutions. We redesigned development paths for our employees, offering a new Personal Growth Framework for technical and non-technical people.

Our people now can also benefit from the introduction of the IT Manager. This person takes care of our specialists and contributes to developing a whole team. You can be sure that your project is carried out by experienced people and prepared according to proven methods.

Moreover, we’ve integrated the Business Analyst role into the software development process. That means you’re not just getting your digital product but will also be sure that you meet business objectives. With the participation of a Business Analyst, we already helped our clients verify hypotheses based on market analysis and adjust project assumptions.

Giving back is in Applover’s DNA

We’re the proudest of the group of people we’ve gotten to work on Applover. Once again, we’ve expanded our teams by hiring 37 new employees. We’ve built an efficient, well-coordinated system that functions well despite the expansion of teams, but also performs better than before. 

Recently, we thought it would be a good idea to share a package of 98 carefully made icons with the design community via Figma. Based on our work and experiences, we wanted to give the HealthTech projects a fresh look. Each of these icons has been carefully selected and user-tested to guarantee flawless integration for designers.

But all of this is not just limited to doing a better job, but also doing something good for the world. When the war in Ukraine started, our teams mobilized to develop GdzieZbiórka – an application to coordinate aid collections for Ukraine. Even though developers and designers bore the bulk of the work, others, such as project managers, marketers, and even administration, all played a part in making the final product a reality.

Sharing the top tech expert’s knowledge with the community

We are always happy to talk about what we know, break down the steps involved in a project, and brag about achievements. That’s why we devote so much time and energy to making new content.

In 2022, we’ve published 121 blog posts on our website (this one is 122nd). We had recent publications such as Culture Book and The Flutter Handbook to guide startups and companies in developing a successful Flutter application. Speaking of Flutter technology, we’ve introduced the Flutter Meetup for the first time and have already organized three Flutter Meetups with GDG Wrocław for the devs’ community.

It was also a new year full of webinars, with a total of 7 of them. We’ve discussed topics like:

  1. Inclusive design vs. design for a narrow audience (Available in Polish)
  2. Current trends of Blockchain use in business (Available in Polish)
  3. Trends in Product Design 2022 – mobile and web applications (Available in Polish)
  4. What can your Start-up gain by building a digital product MVP? (Available in Polish)
  5. How to develop a HealthTech digital product?
  6. IT outsourcing in HealthTech – what does the process look like?
  7. How can a business analysis boost Time to Market?

We are grateful for the opportunity to provide a forum for the exchange of technological expertise. And the good news is that there’s more to come in 2023!


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What’s coming for Applover in 2023?

One thing is sure: we won’t stop. We’re looking forward to growing even further in the upcoming year. We want to professionalize even more and improve internal processes so that our people can work effectively, and our clients can get better services.

That’s why we want to measure more of the actions we work with. So far, we have implemented eNPS (for employees) and NPS for customers. Still, we want to measure even more aspects of the organization to be more effective and provide more value to our customers based on data.

We are sure the following summary will end with at least 160 top tech experts in the company. It brings us a challenge for continued attention to the transparency of communication. But we have already implemented more internal meetings like Applover’s Corner during which we talk about company changes or satisfaction survey results. There’s also a stand-up for the whole organization at the beginning of the week. These meetings are praised in the organization, and our employees are glad it is the way it is.

Applover is ready for 2023. Keep your fingers crossed, and see you next year!